HYTI glass design

Don’t we all prefer to be handled with care?
I do.
More bubble wrap, please.

This session is a good example of pure inspiration. Do you think we had something like this in mind when we met with HYTI a few days ago? Of course not! Our aim was to shoot one image of glass plates for a big display at a design fair. We brainstormed and agreed that it has to be something more than a product in a nice setting. It has to catch the eye, raise curiosity, be a bit weird. (Weird is my new favorite word.)
We both love the aesthetics of paper and we had some ideas with paper that we unfortunately didn’t have at hand. Then I saw the roll of bubble wrap used for packing the glass products and immediately wanted to try how it behaves. We did some test shots and decided to stick with it.
Then we walked to the local market to buy some food props. We had a list of 3 food items. The octopus was not on the list. We bought it for a snack. Had a lunch and an ice cream and walked back.
Built the set together. Most difficult was folding the bubble wrap. Started photographing the still lives with the food items. Had tons of fun and some lighting issues because the weather got too cloudy and we lost the good light. Tried to enhance the light with the reflector, but it wasn’t powerful enough. Then I asked Anne-Liis if she had a mirror. I placed it next to my subject to kick back the light and - boom! saw how great it looked on the set and how cool the reflection was. That’s how it all came together. Big hugs to my muse HYTI !