Katrin Press Photography


Katrin Press is an Estonian photographer specializing in food and lifestyle subjects.

She received a BA in media and communication from Tartu University (Estonia) in 2006 and worked as a reporter, editor and most recently a food writer for several Estonian publications. As a food writer she started taking photos on the side, got completely absorbed in photography and has been a professional photographer since 2011.

"I've been very visual and interested in art since childhood. Not going to art school was a rational career choice that I don't regret, but I always felt that I lack words to convey a meaning. Photography helps me to communicate and to connect with the world," she explains.

She most often styles her own shoots and sometimes also develops recipes if needed. She's a co-author and a photographer for quite a few cookbooks.

 Photo credits: Stina Kase

Photo credits: Stina Kase

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