Interior: My own queendom

I finally moved in to my den, an office in the attic. Renovation of the house took much longer than expected, but isn't it always so :) Main inspiration for the office was the colour - grey. A medium grey to be precise. Like the background you can choose in Lightroom and Photoshop (#626262). So it has been a bit conceptual from the very beginning. It was about the same time of year in 2013 when I had to choose the colors for the walls. Everything around me felt so grey. It was sad and comforting at the same time. I went out wondering around the house and came home with a bunch of pics on a subject grey. It stuck in my brain for a long time, even bought many grey outfits. So that's the story. Walls are a background and when life around you gets too colorful it's nice to have a neutral space where to rest your eyes. It's also good for showcasing various art, especially black and white. My walls are still empty, but not for long, I promise. It's pretty obvious that I chose black and white for secondary colors. Accents, browns and greens, just happened. The white and the grey wall is also for shooting portraits in case of an emergency ;) There are very few items that I have bought especially for this room. One is the ladder like shelf that I got hold of during a photo shoot (in the Red interior) and didn't return to shop (paid still). The 70's Ikea chair and the suitcase are flee market finds. The desk belonged to my granny and I had no heart to throw it out in order to get something more modern like that of Warm North or a similar from Ikea. How can you throw out a worn out desk that tells the stories of 3 generations? My mother's love letters were once kept in it's drawer... If anyone is interested there's a Pinterest board I made for my room. Some ideas not yet carried through. The small step ladder I use at work and it often lives in the back of my car. The fact that some electric cord is still hanging out of the sealing doesn't bother me at all. There's enough window light during the day (need to get some blinds) and at night I sit in front of my computer anyway. The matter of fact there are really a very few hours and days when I do something else in my office. So the Elinchrom flash is just a show off and lives in the trunk of my car as well. The rest is just my memorabilia that have waited a lifetime in boxes. Of course it all arranged and color coordinated now, but it will probably be the first and the last time for me to do something like that for myself. Usually it's just a mess. It's already a mess, cause my son wanted to paint with my acrylics (for 2 minutes) :D For the last part of my post I let you to look at my desk. Who doesn't like to snoop in other people's stuff!? ;) Of course it's now the cleanest it can get. This is how my coffee usually looks like, when I finally come down to drink it. And yes, it's an accident waiting to happen on a work desk. Like to live dangerously :P There are the two external hard drives where everything is kept (may god have mercy on me). I do read a camera manual sometimes and I keep task list on paper. There are also some screen wipes because believe it or not the the warm and illuminated screen is a fly magnet and they shit on it on a daily basis.

In Estonian? Can't make it. Have to start working. Palun vabandust!