Family fun on the beach

Photographing my sister's family I keep track of time. Once or twice a year I see where I am with my mind and skills. And looking back I can see things I do differently now, some embarrassing post production, too. They are the best, because I'm free to test whatever I want, to say whatever comes to mind and to behave however stupid I choose. This time we got a little bit careless, because I had a crazy busy summer and we had no time to plan anything. Somehow we ended up shooting at high noon with the harshest possible sun that casts some rather unpleasant shadows. After running around for 2 hours, not being able to see much due to the sun I was rather disappointed to see the results. For me it always has to be better than the last time. I got depressed and the files were burried under my work load. At some point I had to tell my sister Kairit that I blew it, that it was below my average standard and I'm sorry. It was kind of uneasy between us as the months passed and I hadn't shown but one picture to her.

So now, almost 6 month later I took the courage to peek into that folder. Yes, there was lots of crap for the reason that I shot more frames than I usually do. And therefore it was rather difficult to pick out the good ones. But eventually I'm pleased with the outcome, happy about a few frames and most importantly - Kairit is happy, too! And ironically I ended up with one of the longest web galleries ever (except weddings). Enjoy the summer breeze!