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The menu shoot for Maitsete Tänav

Autumn is a time for new beginnings and my calender is also filling with new projects. After having written some in depth pieces about my everyday work, here is a good example of a menu shoot. Maitsete Tänav in Rocca al Mare shopping center is a restaurant concept where you can find all imaginable temptations. This is only a tiny part of what's being offered.

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Straightforward 2017

If you’re overwhelmed and stuck at the moment I tell you I’ve been there. In December I used to have no energy for writing year-in-reviews and usually postponed it till January. This year I had it in me already in October. I have some long stories about my journeys and and explanations of my truths, but this is not the topic today. I’ll leave it for laters.

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A Lesson about Beauty

I'm counting days to finally meet my little girl and this definitely puts things into a different perspective. I'm really bad at talking about my own photography and it seems to be a general problem among photographers. So as soon as I saw an initiative of #reppingfriends I knew I have something to share with you. Thus after giving it some thought I decided to write about appearances and being kind to yourself.

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Spring Holiday Table with Estonian Design. Kevadpüha Eesti disainiga

I'm a big fan of Estonian design and I work with the local artists whenever possible. I guess all creatives desire to be seen and recognized. I'm always happy to show things I like. Of course I encourage everybody to support artists instead of big corporations.

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A Easter Table Kids Enjoy. Lihavõttelaud lastele

A parenting magazine Pere & Kodu asked me to set a table for Easter that all family members would like and to include some kids in a photo shoot. Being a mother of a pre-school kid and a childrens' photographer I know that the youngest family member always sets the tone. So you better make that kid really happy.

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Our Tribe. Family Photo Session

The sacred juniper at Kataveski is a single tree surrounded by fields and can be seen from far. It's said to be 200-300 years old. It really makes you wonder about the ancient times and things this tree has witnessed. It's situated in my neighboring village, just a ten minute walk from where I live. For years I've been curious about the tree and secretly waiting for the right time to photograph next to it. (It grows on private property, therefore it's advised to ask a permission.) So now we did.

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Estonian Tableware Design Exhibition and My Prints

I have a dream. In my dream all people have developed a sophisticated taste for designer goods, they can afford them and designers and makers of crafts can earn a decent living from their art. 

My dream became my mission and it found a way into a food magazine Köök. I have a section Nõudepeatus (meaning sth like 'dish stop') in this quarterly magazine where I find a ceramist or a designer I like, present their work to a chef and let the chef develop a dish according to the tableware. Then I photograph the outcome of their collaboration, write the interviews with them both and thats it. I hope the readers will find something they like, either the tableware or the recipes.

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Tallinn TV Tower Restaurant

Tallinn TV Tower restaurant is an exciting experience. You can almost see to Finland's capital Helsinki from the tower or then again be wrapped in thick fog and clouds and feel completely cut off from everything, but enjoy yourself either way.

The menu is controversial as well. It's based on high quality produce, dishes are masterfully prepared, but sometimes with a twist. An assortment of savory ice cream served with salad is a good example. You might love it or consider it interesting, but you'll certainly remember having it.


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