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A Easter Table Kids Enjoy. Lihavõttelaud lastele

A parenting magazine Pere & Kodu asked me to set a table for Easter that all family members would like and to include some kids in a photo shoot. Being a mother of a pre-school kid and a childrens' photographer I know that the youngest family member always sets the tone. So you better make that kid really happy.

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Our Tribe. Family Photo Session

The sacred juniper at Kataveski is a single tree surrounded by fields and can be seen from far. It's said to be 200-300 years old. It really makes you wonder about the ancient times and things this tree has witnessed. It's situated in my neighboring village, just a ten minute walk from where I live. For years I've been curious about the tree and secretly waiting for the right time to photograph next to it. (It grows on private property, therefore it's advised to ask a permission.) So now we did.

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Children's Fashion for Autumn

Plan A depended on weather so it was a very unreliable plan to start with, but unfortunately plan B failed as well leaving us with bags full of clothes and a bunch of kids to find a new location. Fast.

So we invited ourselves to a friends place mainly because they have a tent in the back yard. Believe it or not, but most photos are made with models being covered and me running around in rain.

As always when you're determined to get what you want, rain will eventually stop and everybody is happy.

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Peresessioon: esimesed sammud rannas

1-2-aastasi lapsi on peaaegu võimatu panna täiskasvanute moodi käituma ja käsu peale otse kaamerasse vaatama. Sellepärast kasutan alati mängulisemaid lähenemisi ja suure ponnistuse peale me tavaliselt saame ikka selle "korraliku" pildi ka tehtud.Aga mina olen õppinud aru saama, et iga asi omal ajal. See aeg, kui vaimustus, rõõm, kiindumus, viha, väsimus, nälg ja veel sada muud tugevat tunnet mahuvad loetud minutite sisse, on tagantjärele vaadates nii lühike. Väikelapsed on imelised, sest suudavad lühikese ajaga end nii mitmest küljest kaamerale avada. Ehk peaksid täiskasvanud hoopis neist eeskuju võtma?!

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