The menu shoot for Maitsete Tänav

Autumn is a time for new beginnings and my calender is also filling with new projects. After having written some in depth pieces about my everyday work, here is a good example of a menu shoot. Maitsete Tänav in Rocca al Mare shopping center is a restaurant concept where you can find all imaginable temptations. This is only a tiny part of what's being offered.

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Estonian Culinary Route

Client: Estonian Culinary Route / Eesti Toidutee

Objective: Table full of typical Estonian food

Food stylist: Kertu Lukas

Prop stylist: Katrin Press

Hand models: Kristjan, Linda, Hannes, Kertu

Procrastination 2: prop styling

I knew it! There will be more posts on procrastination, because I'm the worst kind of procrastinator :) This is hardcore. Prepping and propping for yet another cookbook, playing with my camera and stuff. I could do it for hours. Actually I did it for hours. More to come :)

Lihtne on olla ebanormaalne Nii võib juhtuda, kui oma rekvisiitide kollektsiooni kappidest välja tood. Ainuke vabandus on see, et üks järjekordne kokaraamat on tulemas.

props styling